Our Story

Over one year ago we met at a Meet-up in Den Haag. That ‘s was a turning point in both our lives. We discovered our mutual believes and joined our talents and skills as a marketing expert and a grahic designer specialist to create an unique personal brand training.

We have been developing this interactive workshop for over a year. Now after 14 months of hard work we are happy and proud to announce the pre-launch of the Personal Brand Program.

Why a Personal Brand Program?

We believe that everyone can be a strong and unique brand since your core talents and values are already given to you at birth. Just open this jewellery box to find the treasure inside! The stronger your personal brand is, the stronger you will attract people, jobs or opportunities. We strongly believe in alignment. The more you align your inner talents, strengths, passion and skills the more powerful you will become, more energetic and productive.

What is the Personal Brand Program?

The Personal Brand Program consists of 4 parts that focus on your own identity. What makes the Personal Brand Program different, is that we don’t focus on which tools to use to promote yourself. It helps you to transform your real personal identity into a consistent personal brand. You will create your blueprint of your Personal Brand to use for expressing your purpose in life.


Fabio Nucci and Raoul Mevissen


Know more accessing www.personalbrandprogram.co